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At Beauty Professionals, we pride ourselves on using only the finest world-class products, including renowned brands like Babor, Anesi, Saloncare and more.

Germany’s premier professional skin care brand, has been a global beauty leader since 1956. Offering tailored solutions for all skin types, BABOR prioritises efficacy and safety, crafting products free from harmful toxins. With 98% naturally derived ingredients and no parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, or silicones, BABOR ensures optimal skin health. Beauty Professionals choose BABOR for its emphasis on individualised care and ongoing skin assessment.

For over 43 years, Beauty Professionals has trusted BABOR to deliver exceptional results, thanks to its focus on improving skin tone, elasticity, and protection against environmental stressors. BABOR’s transformative ampoules, with their high concentrations of active ingredients, are indispensable tools for professional therapists. Cruelty-free & committed to ethical practices, BABOR leads the way in responsible skincare innovation.

ANESI, created by DRV PHYTOLAB in Spain, has been a skin care favourite among professionals worldwide for over 40 years. Developed by Raul Vidal, its efficiency and quality were evident from the start, leading to its establishment. Beauty Professionals has been a top ANESI stockist ever since.

Using cutting-edge cosmetics and molecular biocosmetics, ANESI products surpass traditional formulas for exceptional skin results. Its in-salon treatment kits offer targeted solutions with proven active ingredients. ANESI products are recommended by qualified therapists due to their potency.

With daily skincare options for home use, ANESI delivers visible skin improvement and long-lasting changes. Catering to both male and female skin, ANESI combines advanced scientific ingredients with luxury at an affordable price.

A uniquely affordable and effective South African skin care brand with fast, visible results. Saloncare was launched in the mid 1990’s. It was developed for professional treatments and home care.

The results we have had with pigmentation are SUPERB!

Saloncare embodies an impressive combination of innovation, high-quality formulations, affordability, and results. The range can only be purchased from professionals and recommended following a consultation. Vegetable bases and plant extracts were carefully selected for easy absorption of active ingredients. The range does not include harsh or unnecessary chemicals, animal by-products or testing on animals. Clearer, comforted, protected, and glowing skin is achievable, fast, and affordably. The brand is beneficial for all skin types and conditions, ages, gender, and ethnicity.

Within this price bracket, it is feasible to acquire a package containing six products for R1500





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